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Well it's time to plan your wedding, the best part is imagining how your wedding will look......thoughts may focus on budget, location, planning but what really gets your juices revved up for an exciting event is the style, decor colors the {Theme of the Wedding}. it gives you direction, hope and wonder in your wedding. We will explore themes that are traditional, whimsical, ethnic the possibilities are endless.The aim of the site is to provide you with a variety of ideas to fit various personalities, situations and preferences. Each theme provides you with many unique and creative menus, entertainment, decoration, and invitation ideas. Pictures are included to help you visualize these concepts and possibilities. Ambience is the elixir for a creative wedding theme that will enhance your event to a grade all of its own. Rainbow of linens add pizzazz, hues of color change the mood, creativity adds that personality touch which expresses you, entertainment adds zest party and fun to your wedding and finally your wedding dress is the statement of fashion style. We suggest to sit down with your event coordinator and talk about wedding themes for this is the person who will be with you throughout your wedding and reception so hear all they have to say, go over and share all your dream and ideas you might have. Entertainment from string ensembles to Dj and live bands all are available and usually will meet with you and let you know ask questions to the services provided from audio visual equipment to speakers and sound.

Flowers they are the beauty, the fragrance and inspiration for your thematic wedding so visit local florist in your area a great source of valuable information, this will provide you hands on with the flowers to see the colors texture and fragrances, scope out the different floral arrangements for your reception tables to compliment any themed decor.....
So are you ready to put on your fun hat and lets go for a ride around the world seeing the different themes for weddings, there are Medieval wedding themes, India themes, Winter wedding themes to start with plus many choices for exotic island destination weddings.

Bridesmaids wearing sarong wraps a beach wedding in Hawaii
Timing: For more than 200 guests, you may have to book more than a year in advance; for smaller weddings, book eight months to a year before the day Reception facilities

Your wedding Web site can allow you to display cherished wedding photographs that in previous years never would have made it beyond your photo album.You can provide safety We are featured in Better Homes and Gardens - Creative Weddings Issueand transportation tips from your Web site if your wedding is to be in a rural location. Communicating about lodging and entertainment will no longer be a hassle -- and your guests will find it easy to shop online via your chosen Internet gift registry sites. If you're really inspired, you can give your guests the option of sending an e-mail R.S.V.P., cc'd to your wedding planner, at the click of a mouse key. A Web site, in short, can assist you in providing your wedding guests with convenience that is priceless.


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Christmas Wedding Theme : in April In Hawaii !!! ???


The bride wanted Christmas color in April on Hawaii : You know the feelings that you always get at Christmas time. There is magic and wonder in the air, and your heart is filled with the warmth and love that the spirit of the season brings. It is said so many times that it would be wonderful if we could keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts year round, and there is no better way to do just that than to have a Christmas theme wedding, any time, any place. But what if you want to get married in the tropics?

How do you have a Christmas themed wedding with a warm breeze blowing and the bright sunshine blazing down on you?

To start planning your Christmas themed tropical event, choose your colors. Traditionally, Christmas means red, green, silver and gold. There is no reason you can?t use those colors for your tropical wedding. Chances are, you are going to be surrounded by lush tropical greenery and beautiful green landscaping at your tropical location, so you already have half of your color scheme in place. To bring in touches of red, you can surround yourself with gorgeous red roses, red hibiscus flowers, or any number of rich red tropical flowers. Add touches of holiday colored fabric where you can ? draped between or over the chairs; on table linens; as curtains. Ask your caterer for cranberry colored china and gold plated utensils. Carry the Christmas colors throughout your entire affair. more here


Special photo tour { experience your wedding adventurel!!} Melissa and Josh got married in Hawaii at the mormon temple they also decided to have a beach so everyone could attend here you may see some of their photos while they were in Hawaii on their photo tour.

Music theme wedding ideas William Shakespeare certainly understood the connection between music and romance. Music is not only the food of love, but the perfect accompaniment to its celebration.
The music you select to precede, underscore and follow your special ceremony is perhaps the most immediate and effective way you can create the mood or establish the tone for your event. The music you choose can, depending on the formality of your wedding, be an additional means of expressing your feelings for each other.The first thing to do when thinking about Bridesmaid Wedding Giftthe music for your gala affair is to speak to your officiator (priest, rabbi, minister, etc.) and the person in charge of music at the site of the ceremony. In the case of Christian or Jewish ceremonies, this will likely be the organist or music director. Set up an appointment to discuss your vision of the ceremony, the kind of atmosphere you'd like, your musical taste and so on. And ask the musical director for her or his suggestions
for music you might want to consider.

Songs for Your Ceremony

The music for your ceremony can be compared to that of a movie soundtrack. Each piece should Filigree Monograms Wedding and bridesmaid gift shop featured in Better Homes and Gardens Simply Creative Weddings Issue.represent the love and friendship celebrated in this wonderful occasion. While the music should feel natural, it should also compliment the mood and setting of the ceremony. Most importantly, be sure to select music that suits both of you.

Many brides make their grand entrance to the traditional tune of Mendelssohn's Wedding March, but if you march to the beat of a different drum, that's fine. To help you find the melodies for your marriage, here is a list of classical ceremony songs listed by composer. song list

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