Wedding Made in Heaven

Every couple wants to have a unique but a very special and memorable wedding day. Traditional weddings are still captivating but to incorporate something that is not usually done in weddings will make it very special and memorable. Traditional weddings are usually done in daytime or during afternoon. Why not be unique and have a wedding at night? Celestial wedding theme is where the couple gets to exchange their vows with heavenly bodies such as moon, stars, planets and comets.

To have a celestial wedding, the couple has several options to choose where to have the wedding. If the couple will plan the wedding during summer or spring they can have a garden wedding at night will be good. Celestial bodies as well as the beauty of the nature will make the atmosphere romantic and full of love. If a garden wedding at night is not possible, another option is to get to look for a planetarium that can cater wedding events.

The couple can also make their own celestial wedding world. Decorate the reception venue with hanging planets and stars from the ceiling. A star shaped balloon can also be used for the decoration. Celestial centerpieces can be added to the tables of the guest.

The usual colors of the heavens are black, gold, yellow, navy blue, white and silver. Use the colors for the wedding invitation. Having moons and stars on the wedding invitation will create a celestial effect. Confetti in shapes of moons, stars and planets could be added to the invitation before the couple sends it to their guest.

Wedding dress should be planned. The groom can wear glittery star-patterned cummerbunds and bow ties. The brides’ gown should be adorned with crystals to create a twinkling and starry effect. The veil can also have glitters and sequins. It is also recommended that the bride wear jewelries that are star-shaped. The ring bearer can carry a star-shaped ring pillow while the flower girls can carry star tipped wands.

The couple should choose flower arrangements that will match the color theme. Make sure to pick the arrangement that will enhance the wedding theme. Use gold and silver streamers to hang loose on the brides’ bouquet. For the wedding cake, ask for some moon and stars design to be added. Star shaped wedding food such as sandwiches, cookies or hors d’oeuvres can be served. Serving the guest from star-shaped tray will also do the trick. Music in the wedding should also be planned. The couple can select music that has the word “moon” and “stars”. Check out some books for some other decorating ideas that suggest celestial ideas.

Celestial wedding themes can give the couple a fun time preparing for their big day. It is not only unique but it will definitely make the night full of love and romance. It will make the couple as well as the guest feel like they are in another planet. Celestial wedding is becoming popular because of its uniqueness. Plan a celestial wedding now and have a unique and wonderful wedding day!

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