A Historical Period Wedding


A Historical Period Wedding resembles the classical nature of a particular and well-known period of the past. In preferring this type of wedding, you won�t run out of themes to choose from as there are thousand years of history behind us. But before you dive into the wedding plans, it is important that you spend time in getting to know more about the accounts of the period of your choice. What the couple and wedding planners must focus on in going for a historical period wedding are the things that can make the event more believable in a way that the guests would be able to guess what period it is you are trying to put up even without telling them. It should be evident from the bride�s gown, the groom�s suit, and the card holders on the tables at the reception, the setting of the wedding, the decorations, the food, music and the invitation cards. Resources like history books, documentaries and the internet can easily help you with these. However, it does not mean that you should duplicate everything exactly the way they are. Just incorporate the unique aspects which you think can make your wedding ceremony and reception more authentic.

As mentioned earlier, there are many themes which apply to a historical period wedding. Under the Medieval Ages which ran from 5 A.D. up to the 14th century, a King Arthur or a Robin Hood theme would be nice. With this, you can plan your wedding with swords, minstrels and banquet feasts. Next to that era is the Renaissance period ranging from the 14th century to the 17th century. Then, there is the Elizabethan period which took place from 1158 to 1603. This period is of course associated mostly with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Following that is the Shakespearean years from 1564 to 1616. These two periods are rich with styles of dresses to adapt. Imagine having someone recite a sonnet by William Shakespeare on your wedding, wouldn�t that be elegant? And who would forget the era of Ancient Rome from 9 B.C. - 5 A.D as well as the period of Ancient Greece. Other time periods to choose from for a historical period wedding are the Egyptian period, Era of the Viking, time of the American colonial or American Revolution, the Civil War, Regency, Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian, Vintage period, the Big Band, the Disco era or the time of the Hippies. For more recent periods, there goes the 1920�s, the 30�s, 40�s, 50�s, 60�s, 70�s up to the 80�s. These decades are rich with culture, music, fashion, food and entertainment which can make your big day more memorable.

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