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this black themed beach wedding was created by Aloha island weddings , 
the black chiffon material on the bamboo arch and 
the black chiffon sashes on the chairs make for a dramtic charm against the azure and touquise colored waters
       You've chosen a beautiful, Hawaiian location for your perfect wedding. 
 The landscape is lush and green, and the flora and fauna shines with the brilliance 
of every color of the rainbow.  What is the perfect color scheme to compliment this wedding? 
 Why, black and white, of course!

 a bridesmaid gives a punch to the maid of honor

Let's face it, you've chosen this exotic
 tropical location for a variety of reasons, but among them was the fact that the 
colors are so rich 
and vibrant, every picture snapped on your 
big day will be stunning. If you want to perfectly compliment a backdrop that pops, you want to set yourself and your
wedding party a step apart from the beautiful colors, and providing a
clean, neutral canvas is the best way. Your gown will be white - pure, sparkling, and beautiful.
A bouquet of white roses or stunning stephanotis will provide an elegant look,
and it won't detract any from the brightly colored flowers around you. Bridesmaids can also be dressed
in white, with black sashes and hair accessories, or you can dress them completely in black.
The bridesmaid's flowers can be smaller,
white versions of the bridal bouquet, or you can opt for black tulips or black orchids. White calla lilies wrapped in black satin would also make
a stunning presentation for either the bride or the bridesmaids. Your groom can also be completely dressed in white,
or go with the more formal black tuxedo with black or white accessories. For a less formal affair,
crisp white linen is a great look for a groom and his ushers. If going with black suits,
choose white flowers, such as a small calla lily or a single stem of stephanotis. A white tuxedo or white
linen will allow you to use the black flowers here as well.
The scene of the ceremony can be completely done in
black and white, which is going to be lovely in an outdoor setting. Cover the chairs with white linen, tied with a luxurious black satin bow. Use black and white tulle liberally, and if you are having an archway or other similar feature, consider white twinkle lights wrapped in the tulle. Even in the daytime, the lights will add an extra dimension to your décor. You can also use black tulle to line the aisle, draping the fabric and tying it at various intervals with white floral bouquets. black satin wedding dress while the bride looks up to the camera
Any reception location can be easily adapted to incorporate your black and white theme. Tables and chairs should be covered in black or white linens, then accented with the alternate color. Use lots of candles, votives and tapers, and crystals to give your tables a real shine, and for a splash of the Hawaii you love, use the brightly colored tropical flowers as your centerpieces. Celebrating your love surrounded by the beauty and color that is Hawaii is the perfect choice for a lot of brides. Highlighting that natural beauty by choosing the black and white color scheme is going to be reserved for only a special few! this gorgeous sash for the wedding dress shines against the white while elegance and beauty
reveals the crystal bead
black garter belt ]



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Honolulu, Hawaii.96816-5330
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