Once upon a Time: Fairytale Wedding

Once upon a time a prince meets princess and seals their love forever. It is every girls dream to wed the prince charming in her life. The couple can consider having a fantasy and fairytale wedding theme which is about elegance and enchantment. Cinderella and Disney wedding themes come into the mind of the couple when planning for a fantasy or a fairytale wedding but there are a lot of other options when planning to have a wedding theme like this such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan, Snow White and Tinkerbelle.

Preparing for this wedding theme is like preparing for any ordinary wedding but this should sustain the illusion and the imagination that the couple has been dreaming about. Proper planning for this type of wedding is very essential to make the event a success. First thing the couple needs to think about is the type of fantasy or fairytale wedding they want. The more imaginative the wedding is, the more it is suited for this type of wedding.

After having a particular fairytale wedding theme, get to look for the invitations that will be suited. Incorporating castles and carriages with prince and princess can be done on the invitations. If the couple has an access to booking the wedding ceremony and reception in a castle that will be great since it will definitely create the atmosphere of having a fairytale wedding. But if not, the couple has the option to arrange the venue to a magical place which is not like ordinary weddings.

Planning for the bride and grooms wedding dress is very important too. If the theme is a Cinderella wedding, the brides’ gown should be styled with glamour and sophistication. Petticoats for ball gowns, wearing opera-length gloves, tiara and a floor length veil will definitely make the bride look like a princess. Why not get a glass slippery shoe to create the Cinderella effect? Prince charming wears tuxedos most of the time so that will be a good wedding dress for the groom. The bridesmaid can have dreamy-looking dress that will fit the theme and the color scheme of the wedding.

The wedding cake should also be reflecting the theme. Check the wedding music or songs that will be played during the ceremony and reception. The music should create a dreamy atmosphere. If the couple can hire a string quartet of a harpist it will be better. Arriving at the wedding place in a carriage will help a lot in creating an atmosphere of fantasy.

In the wedding reception, grand entrance of the couple going down a staircase will be lovely. The venue could have flower and candle arrangements that will make the place attractive and enchanting. Having a fantasy and fairytale wedding will give an awesome experience to the couple and to their guest. Making the wedding day magical and enchanting will give everlasting wedding memories for everyone. A fantasy and fairytale wedding will not be the end of the story but just a start for the couple as they live happily ever after