A Gothic Wedding

The main characteristic of a gothic subculture wedding is the darker color scheme, with the color black and red dominating. Black wedding attires, dramatic hues, candles and spooky objects fully reminiscent the gothic wedding.
Instead of the wedding happening in the church the Goths would love to have the ceremony at the graveyards. The wedding venue may take place at an ancient castle For a perfect gothic wedding you need to plan carefully for the ceremony beforehand. It is a project like home decoration so you need careful planning. You need too make all the elements come together in harmony. Choose every thing starting from the venue, dress, music and the sets according to the gothic theme. All the aspects of the ceremony should be in harmony. or old buildings. The settings of the entire venue will be like going to a Halloween party.

To create a gothic atmosphere chooses a place with an older feel that can evoke a sense of drama. You can both opt for a castle or any old building and add some gothic touches here and there. The best way is to create a set for the whole ceremony with every decoration done in a gothic style.

If you want to perform your wedding in a Victorian chapel or any house of worship, then it is up to the chapel’s officials to decide whether they will allow the ceremony to happen or not. You choose an outdoor ceremony than it is must easier to decorate the sets and perform the wedding.

For the music choose something appropriate which will merge with the whole theme. If you play a soft soothing music or a light jazz music will certainly put off the mood about the whole concept of the wedding. A more suitable music will be a classical overture with haunting and melodic rhythms.

As dark is the main the theme of the ceremony, the wedding dresses will be of the darker shades. Choose any dark colors dresses to merge with the whole concept. Types of Gothic Weddings

The gothic subculture wedding ceremonies have different motifs and themes. Not all gothic weddings are alike. It is according to this theme that that you can explore through your wedding outfits, decoration and music from many different angles. Some of the themes and motifs can be Victorians, Medieval/Renaissance, Fairy or Cemetery.

In the Victorian Gothic Wedding all attires are based according to the Victorian Era. The dresses of the bride and groom are of that era. The only thing is that in this wedding only dark color shades are worn.

The setting of the venue also resembles that of the era. Building build in or replicating 1800 through 1910s could be appropriate. Rooms with dark wood detailing, rich carpets and drapes, and may be a dramatic stone or a craved fireplace would be ideal.

Decorating should be done in a very Victorian way. For a gothic wedding blood red roses would be perfect than any other. Dark fabrics swags in velvet, satin, or lace would be perfect to groom up a plain room. Table clothes in dark colors with silver candles holders are preferable.

Medieval is the original connotation of Gothic. The scene according to this theme is clustered with the dark vision of the medieval era. You can see gargoyles covering huge stone churches and castle.

The style is of décor according to this theme is simple, yet rich. Wall tapestries, silver or iron candlesticks, skulls, Persian rugs, velvet drapes, framed medieval or Pre-Raphaelite prints, gargoyles and swords are usually used in a medieval style Gothic wedding. The ambience is warm, simple, elegant and rough around the edges. The set ups is both rustic and aristocratic in nature.

Any gothic music will suit in this décor. Gregorian chants belonging to the era will be ideal but the modern’s

If you want to make your childhood fantasies of getting married in fairyland come true, then you can opt for the Fairy motifs. The fairy motif is evocative of childhood stories and folkloric legends. It is a complete escape into a world of dreams.

The décors can be simple but a little change from the typical Goth style. Since the ambience is fantastical, dreamy, mystical, sleepy and floating, the dark shade may be a bit too extreme. Although white may seem to be antithetical to most Goths, you can contrast the color against the traditional black in this theme.

In this theme you may put light fabrics draped from the ceiling, Pre- Raphaelite prints, and candles in silver and glass holders. You can also decorate the walls with dried and silk flowers.

For those graveyard lovers, the cemetery theme is the perfect choice. Crumbling stonework, tattered shrouds, and death appeals you a lot than this theme is best apt for you.

The décor are an archetype of a real cemetery. Since the cemetery have a limited color tones, the palettes are mostly done in black, shades of grey, and little touches of white. You can deck up the sets with gargoyles, stone or iron candleholder, grave markers, rosaries draped hither and yon, coffin-shaped boxes and religious figurines.

Gothic Subculture
A gothic wedding entirely goes against the traditional wedding. It is a full respect shown to the dark movement it follows. Goth feels themselves as free thinkers, unafraid to penetrate into subjects that are labeled as taboo by most people. They practice dark magic, mysticism and the darker side of life. The Gothic wedding truly represents their love for this dark movement. It is a rejection of the traditional practices and the relationship that it represents. These dark followers prefer to show their own way of defining relationships and values of life.