They say if marriages are made in heaven, wedding cards make them known. What better way to make them known than sending out beautifully crafted wedding cards? But think of this, when it’s you that has to choose a wedding card design, you will know how hard it really is even if budget isn’t a constraint. So it is curtains for the good old postcard style of wedding

Take a brief look at the varieties of India wedding cards you can just pickup off the shelf. Wedding cards are usually foldable even in their simplest forms, these days and your choice begins here. The off white art paper used for making these have slight silvery shade overall with a raised image of Lord Ganpati on front top. You will see lots of floral or traditional patterns for borders either embossed or printed almost always in golden color. However, if the paper is in magenta or maroon, the only color that matches is golden, definitely not silver.

Recent trend is to have wedding cards in flip top style but here there is no choice of particular color and anything goes as long as it matches with your overall wedding theme. However, bright colors don’t go well with flip tops and more so when you choose to have silver threads to wrap them.

Scroll wedding cards, made authentically to the historic style are the current rage. Here the thing you need to lookout for is the choice of cloth and its color. And choose the one with a wrapping thread; say for example crimson red thread in case of leafy green scroll fabric. You can order scroll borders to have zari laces or nothing at all.


Hand painted and hand made wedding cards are quite popular but they not just cost you more but also take quite some time to make in big numbers. But, it is here, alongside gold and silver wedding cards that you get full control over their looks and feels. Your freedom with hand made wedding cards never ends with choosing just one design as you can have each card made differently; the choice of paper & color, sizes, calligraphic fonts and what not? You can also draw ideas from scrapbooks, have little things stuck on the front, little mirrors and the similar things.

India wedding cards don’t have distinct designs or customs for different religious affiliations, if card makers show Sikh or Muslim wedding cards, for example, just ask them whether you can have a similar design for Christian cards and see how he replies.