It may surprise you but the concept of having different wedding themes is only recently catching up in the context of Indian weddings and even now most of the Indian weddings are held in a rather traditional setup

The normal themes popular with Indians are fairytale theme, fantasy theme, royal theme and romantic theme to name a few. Having chosen a theme, it remains constant throughout the wedding.

The royal theme seems to be the most popular yet, may be due to the rich royal heritage India passed through till half a century ago. It is not very uncommon to book royal buildings or a portion of palaces as venues to give the best possible authenticity. Original things, right from the wrought iron gates at the entrance to chandeliers to columns to windows and draperies become available to you automatically by booking a palace. Nothing to worry, in case of non availability of royal or heritage buildings, wedding planners or managers can erect a replica of a palace of your choice depending on your budget.

Romantic wedding theme is equally popular with many middle class families however the concept of romantic theme is not very clear in India. In many an Indian wedding I saw, which claimed to have romantic theme, it was garden as the venue which brought some romanticism. However, you can see the true talent of wedding planners when the wedding is indoors as they get to decorate more. First off, it is a dash of tons of flowers everywhere, windows and door panels and draperies vanish to make way for flowers and ferns. You will have mini indoor fountains randomly placed inside the wedding hall. Wedding podium will be almost lost in flora and fauna; finally, don’t forget to include a blower to create a cool breeze of fragrant air.

When the wedding theme is romantic, you can’t afford to miss a band playing soft music lazily from a corner.

Fantasy and fairy tale themes are uncommon unlike in USA and Europe.



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