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Style Wedding

The best way to celebrate in Tahitian style is to have the destination wedding of your dreams. Begin by contacting a wedding planner in Tahiti. The first thing you should know is that couples from the United States who marry in Tahiti will have to legalize their vows with a ceremony in the United States first.

Steeped in beauty and tradition though they may be, Tahitian ceremonies are not legal in the states. Following your ceremony in the United States, travel to exotic Tahiti and have a personal ceremony at an ancient Tahitian temple, dressed as a Tahitian princess. There are gorgeous locales and beautiful resorts in Tahiti that cater to couples looking for an authentic experience for their Tahitian wedding.


There is no place more beautiful and romantic than Tahiti. The colorful Polynesian paradise is the perfect setting for your wedding, and there are ways to celebrate in Tahitian style whether you can go to Tahiti or bring Tahiti to you.


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If you can’t get to Tahiti, bring a taste of paradise to you. Colors should include beautiful oranges, reds, yellows, and greens. Anything bright and beautiful and tropical should be added to the color palate you choose. Your bridesmaids dresses can pick up the colors, but you can also add a Tahitian flair to their attire by choosing a dress in a bold tropical print or a gown that features butterfly sleeves and a ruffle at the bottom.

Dress everyone in white with big bouquets of tropical flowers and floral wreaths in their hair. Men can wear a traditional tuxedo, or go for a more casual look with tropical print shirts and linen pants. Something really cute would be to have your flower girls dressed in grass skirts. If you are actually in Tahiti, you could go with a wedding part dressed entirely in white with white flowers, and allow the tropical colors surrounding you to shine. Island wedding attire is traditionally more simple, but it is certainly acceptable to wear the big white wedding gown you are dreaming of.

As guests arrive at your wedding, they should be offered a lei made with silk or fresh flowers. You can even find leis made from shells, and that may be an option to consider, at least for the men. A big part of your budget should go to making your location as lush and tropical as you can, so bring in plants, trees, palms, and decorate them in white twinkle lights.

The food at your reception can also incorporate the taste of French Polynesia. Consider hosting a luau for your reception. There are caterers that specialize in hosting luaus, and some of their offerings should include whole roasted pig, pineapple chicken, mahi mahi, and fried rice. You can serve your appetizers like pupu platters, served at each table. These could contain coconut shrimp, pork filled wontons, and other Polynesian favorites. Any menu that combines Asian inspired dishes and tropical flavors would work perfectly and be a culinary treat for your guests.

Entertainment can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but you should absolutely include a traditional hula dance as part of your reception. Look for groups that know Tahitian hula dancing, as there are different dances in different Polynesian cultures. You can even find groups that will offer a quick lesson, which is fun for both the guests that choose to learn the dance and those who choose to watch the festivities. To get deep into the Tahitian mood, add sword and fire dancers, traditional drummers, and beautiful girls to perform for your guests. The entertainment is lively, the colors bright, the music romantic, and it will transport your guests directly to a Tahitian paradise.

Favors for your guests will include the flower leis that you presented them with, and something like a personalized bottle of Tahitian vanilla and a recipe. Anything tropical would make a nice gift, or even a box of chocolates tied with a brightly colored satin ribbon and a silk orchid. Keep in mind that if you do decide to go with a destination wedding, you will need to plan favors that your guests can enjoy while they are there or favors that will be easy for them to transport back home with them after your fabulous wedding.

Tahitian weddings are all about colors, flavors, music and dancing, with a liberal dose of romance sprinkled in. Cover all of your bases by incorporating the things you think of when you picture Tahiti in your mind. Use tiki torches, shells, fabrics, and food to bring a taste of paradise to your special event. You will soon see that your guests are as much in love with your favorite Polynesian paradise as you are with your fiancé.    

Article by your  Hawaii wedding Coordinator  


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