What it Means to Have a Vintage Wedding

Weddings are very special and it is a very important day for the couple who will seal their love forever. The exchange of vows between the bride and the groom is something that should always be remembered. That is the reason why some couples opt to have a wedding that is very unique and unusual for everyone so it will be stored in the memory of each one in the event. Why not have a vintage wedding and capture the beauty of the past?

Vintage weddings will bring you back in time where rock and roll and hairspray was a hit. The first thing the couple should think about is the specific time period. The vintage weddings theme can either be Victorian or retro, 1920’s to 1960’s. If the couple wants exciting concepts in the past, Victorian inspired setting will suit them. The couple who usually wants to have a vintage wedding would like to capture the atmosphere of real love and romance. Most couple says that traditional weddings nowadays lack the real essence of the event which is the celebration of love. In vintage wedding, everyone will get to feel the past starting from the dress, songs and the dance.

Wedding gowns for this type of wedding is rich in history and character. The bride will not be able to get a vintage wedding gown easily and would require some extra effort in looking for one. The type of gown will also depend what time period the couple will have as their theme for their wedding. Most vintage wedding gowns are elegant, glamorous, sophisticated and fanciful. The bride may ask for her mother or her aunt if they were able to have one vintage wedding gown stored in their closet. Another alternative is to go to garage sales or second hand shops. For the groom, he may have a tuxedo specially made for the occasion which will also reflect the time period or their wedding theme.

f the couple wants their guest to feel the vintage-style, they may send an invitation to their guest earlier informing them of the wedding theme. This must be done so that the guest will have ample time in looking for vintage-style dress. Aside from preparing the guest, the most important thing is to decorate the wedding venue properly. The couple and the guest should be brought back to the time period which the couple has for their wedding theme. Elaborate floral displays and laces will work for Victorian wedding concept. Ask the caterers to even have vintage-style looks and dress if possible. The music will be very essential in creating the correct theme atmosphere. Thorough research about the type of music and what music was the favorite during that time will help a lot.

Preparing for a vintage wedding can be lots of fun. Going back to the past will definitely make everyone enjoy and feel good. Vintage weddings will be a glorious event for everyone. Go back in time and feel the love, romance and excitement by planning for a vintage wedding.

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