Cool Hawaii wedding drink ideas

Don't forget to add in the extra details that will make your cool cocktails even more memorable. Consider serving them in hollowed out coconuts or pineapples. You could even have personalized coconut cups paintedjust for your special occasion. What a nice wedding favor to give to your guests! Keep your drinks colorful and vibrant looking with neon colored straws, brilliantly colored tropical flowers, or decorative straws and parasols. Cherries, pineapple chunks, oranges, lemons and limes make beautiful garnishes for your tropical drinks, and can be a nice touch even to non-alcoholic drinks.

And speaking of non-alcoholic drinks, you will want to make sure that you have some non-alcoholic versions of your cool, tropical favorites. PiƱa Coladas and frozen daiquiris can easily be made into non-alcoholic versions, or you can substitute some tropical fruit smoothies for the guests who want to feel like they are enjoying a cool tropical cocktail without worrying about the ride home.

It's really important at your wedding to make sure your guests are comfortable and happy. It not only helps them take away happy memories of your special day, but it gives you photos of happy people, smiling and enjoying the celebration of your union. Providing a collection of smooth, sweet, cool, tropical cocktails will go a long way towards keeping guests happy, the warm summer temperatures at bay, and give everyone an added dimension to enjoy as they share in your happiness. Whether your summer wedding takes place in a tropical paradise or just has a tropical theme, keeping guests comfortable with delicious tropical cocktails will be talked about on the beach the whole rest of the summer! more on