Winter oh my who gets gets married in the snow anyways !!??, Well if you are wanting an outdoor wedding in the middle of winter why not go somewhere that is tropical year round like Tahiti or Hawaii or Fiji or Samoa or Kora kora..... Its a perfectly romantic season to setup an equally romantic event far away from your snowy home town .

Well, the very first idea in a plan for your winter wedding is to pick the location, once you found where you want to go, country clubs, private estates, inns or any such cozy locations which provide smooth winter backdrops. Foothills or mountain locations provide unbelievably natural backdrop for a winter wedding. Once you are done with the choice of location it’s time to create the theme to match it.

Winter weddings can’t be complete without ices and snows being used in their innovative bests, the best idea to use them is to have imaginative ice sculptures of various sizes and colors placed all around the party. Ice sculptures give the place the authentic look besides being points of attractions.

You can make smaller sculptures at home using flower vases and bowls. If you are a bit imaginative, you can enhance the appearance by placing blue plastic wraps while making ice. Ice bars with Ice sculptures such as two snow people add a creative flare to any reception wedding party.

An outdoor winter wedding reception cannot possibly do without snow flakes which are the real signs of winter. Walking around the party, around the tables whose linens alternate in blue and white, gazing lazily at the small ice sculptures or floating candles & flowers on table top glass ponds make for most of the theme.

However, if your winter wedding happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, the theme you should be focusing on is red color. Red roses, red and burgundy draperies, table tops, napkins, and decorating desserts and tables with bowls filled with heart candies or conversation hearts carrying a cute sayings on them are just some of the ideas for you. Or else, you can have a complete shift over to heart theme.

You cannot forget the small crystal snowflake ornaments; there is literally no limitation on how you can use them in your winter wedding; get your florist to strew them over bouquets and center pieces, laced headgear, in the bar and where not?

Planning winter wedding themes remember what you loved about winter when you were a child?, snow men the ice cycles and playing snowball fight, lets just hope your guest don't get cold.

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