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Honeymoon ideas and news

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Get your groom in the best shape of his life with Yoga


They give you a variety of places and lengths of time
You don't have to carry as much money . Now they give you a credit like card
And everything you due on the boat goes on there.
Your meals are already paid for and for most parts it's all you can eat.
You will have to carry smaller money for tips but some ships have a no tipping policy.
Here are some examples of where you can go.

Mediterranean European
Mexico Key West
Belize Cayman Islands
Coast Rica Greek Islands

After you have your plans and destination now it's time to pack.
Here is a list of must haves.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste Shampoo & Conditioner
Brush or Comb Deodorant
Camera (video or still) Hair Dryer (check your room may come with one)
Film Q-Tips
Disposable Razors Nail Clippers
Pain Reliever Antacids
Medications Hand Sanitation Gel
Socks Under garments
Hair Products (gel, mousse) Sewing Kit
Band-aids great for blisters) 2 pairs of shoes (minimum)
International Calling Card

Women :

At least 2 bras Feminine hygiene products
Perfume Cosmetics
Hosiery Nail polish and remover
Tweezers Lotion
Jewelry lingerie
Pony tail holder Hair clips

Curling iron or straighter

Warm Climate: Cold Climate:

Bathing Suites (at least 2 is recommended) Warm lined coat
Sandals or water shoes Mittens
Swimsuit cover-ups Hat or Ear Warmers
Sunglasses Long Johns
Sunscreen and Tanning lotion Sunscreen and sunglasses
Hat or sun visor Boots
Water proof beach bag Snow Pants
Aloe (after the sun relief) Thermal Socks
Beach Towels (hotel towels are never big enough)
Here are great books that helped me in my wedding plans. They come highly recommended by me
and my many married friends. We call the first book our bible to the bride and when someone
announces their engagement we give them that as their first gift.

Hes finally popped the question and of course you said yes. Now the work starts. Your wedding plans must begin right away.
Have Splendid Dreams about Wedding Themes your personal idea maker


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