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Hello Paul,

I just spoke with you a minute ago.

a Few of the items I'm interested in is a Reception/Wedding Location

I was hoping to find a spot where we can do the Wedding and then shortly
after the Reception/dinner with tike torches (is the same place possible.Is
this possible.

I would also like the following:
Flower arch
white wedding chairs with garland of flowers and custom designed flower
8 x 10 wedding certificate
Bouquet, les for close family.
There will be no wedding party.
2 tiered wedding cake
Champagne, Cider
Orchid and rose petal runway
Flower Shower
Release of White Doves.

Please give me a quote for the above mentioned.

We will fly in August 18, get married the nineteen and leave Hawaii on
August 25.

Thank you, I look forward to working with you Paul #2.

Cynthia Venegas soon to be Venegas-May

y fiance and myself  have been looking into Hawaiian weddings, as well as a
Hawaiian cruise for the honeymoon. I was on your website today and absolutely
love the pictures of the weddings that you have done.

My fiance and I will be the only two at our simple wedding (as we imagine it).
We would like something very simple, with a few nice touches of course. I am
most excited about having wonderful photos to remember the occasion, and as I
have seen from your website, you offer the best!

We are potentially looking at getting married July 3rd, 2006, and this is the
same day that the Cruise leaves Honolulu for a 7 day excursion.

Could you please let met know if you have availability and if so, what an
approximate price would be?

We are very excited to hear from you.

Thank you for your time,
Christine and Jim
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Paul,
        I have several questions regarding moving forward with some of our  wedding plans.   Figured I would type it out here, but then would  like to have a conversation to address these ideas and thoughts, and  maybe plan a quick, short meeting if you can work it in for me.   We understand your generosity in helping us, and wish to be  respectful of your time and position as well.  I don't want to be a  bother, but you are the only person whom can help me answer these  questions!        1) I've been getting numerious inquires about our wedding theme  color and need to make a decision about that soon.  I value your  input, and would really like to meet with you to determine the color  of the chair sash.   That will effect surrounding color schemes for  flowers and clothing, so, would like to get that established....  I'm  inclined to go with the brunt orange I saw when we met March 8th, but  would like to actually see the color of the material again to be sure.        2) Regarding the bride bouquet,  I'm pretty sure about burnt orange  roses, similar to the chair sashes, and maybe mixed with other shades  of orange or other color.   I have some pictures of bouquets and  possible colors, but not sure what is a reality to do.  (I decided  against the calla lilies as a bouquet, but if you used them for the  electronic invitation, that is fine with us.)
        I'd like to find out how we settle on the specific color, and  design.  Would I work with you or the florist, or how do you handle  that?   Just wondering how that is determined because orange has so  many different shades, and not sure if the bouquet design in mind  would look right with those colors etc.         3) As far as the rest of the wedding flowers, the colors we are  thinking of (in general) range between white or ivory, creme, burnt  orange, peach, burgundy (or red), pale yellow, brown(s) and dark (or  some light) green(s).   A few of our favorite flowers are roses,  orchids, lilies, plumaria, proteas, antheriums, and many different  white flowers.   I'd like to discuss with you what will be in season  and readily available, but our preference is elegant and simple  arrangements using the using the tones and a few available flower  choices of the above mentioned.  We would really like to stay away  from the purple orchids and similar colors that don't support this  color scheme, but rather go with the bouquet and chair sash colors  with the complimentary earthy colors mentioned here.         4) If possible, in addition to the bridal bouquet, maid of honor  bouquet and lei for Matt & best man, please let us know if it's  possible we either do leis for all our guests (I think 18 guests),  or, a rose in the back of the chairs and leis for immediate family  only?  (Boutonnieres & corsages would be acceptable if more economical.)        5) As far as the time of day for the ceremony, we need to know if a  4pm service will be alright with you, the photographer and Father  John?  We'll be finalizing plans with a restaurant in the next couple  of weeks, and must make sure that we are on the same page, and it's  workable for all concerned.     6) Will we be able to meet with Father John prior to the ceremony?   How can we set that up?  If we are able to do some of our own vows,  we need some input as to how to go about it, and what exactly we  should do? Do we take that up with him?       7) Do you have a time line for the web site invites and when it  would be finished, and when does it get posted? As this evolves, we  are realizing much other information that should be posted with the  invite, such as a map, car pooling info, time line, and what to  expect immediately following the ceremony, but prior to dinner, etc.,  etc.  How soon do we need to get the info to you?    8) We've decided to keep the cake for 8 if that would be alright  with you?  Let me know.  9) The ceremony itself will take place at the same location, but we  believe the yard will be most appropriate.  It is a more private,  slightly enclosed area overlooking the beach.  The beach is steps  away and easily accessible, making that a great photo opportunity.       Sorry if I seem premature on these issues, but may have to make a  trip home to Wisconsin in June/July, so would feel more comfortable  if I had a lot of these questions answered or better understood  before I leave.         Please don't hesitate to let us know what is  feasible, and what is not.  We don't want to cross the line of good  intentions, expectations and reality.     Again, we truly appreciate your taking us as clients, and don't want  to impose terribly, but do need your assistance.  Sincerely,
        Janine and Matt

ow are you?  I haven't talked to you in a while - hope you are well.

As our wedding date nears (4 months to go!), I was hoping to start
finalizing some details.  I have put a document together that shows
pictures of things I like.  Please let me know what you think!
(See attached file: details for wedding ceremony.ppt)

Also, I have a few questions:
      How long do I have the photographer for?  I would like him/her for
      ceremony & reception - so 4:30-10:00pm.
      Where exactly is our ceremony site going to be?  I know you gave me
      some options of different beaches, but I just don't know how to
      choose!  I've never been there, so I don't know the difference.
      We're looking for the most secluded, beautiful beach that will
      accomodate 60 guests.  Can you make a suggestion, and provide
      location (address or directions to tell guests where to go)?
      Do you have any suggestion of transportation services (shuttles,
      buses, etc.) for our guests?  I'd like to provide transportation for
      our guests from the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the ceremony site,
      then from the ceremony site to the reception (Aston Waikiki Hotel).
      Can you please provide me the website address to Patrick and my
      Should I schedule a "rehearsal" the day before the wedding for the
      family?  If so, about how long should that take?
      How is the ceremony site set up to accommodate "hiding" me from the
      groom until I'm ready to walk down the aisle?  Are there screens set
      up, etc.?

Aloha.  Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you with a date. Our-email has not been working but is back on now.

Russell and I have decided on a date of tue 10 april 2007.  We would like to have our wedding ceremony and reception at the Kahala hotel.  We would like to get married in the Diamond head gazebo at a suitable time for a sunset reception dinner so hopefully you could advise us of the best time to get married.  Russell and I will be staying at the Kahala for the night of the wedding.  We would like to have our ceremony dinner in a marque/tent outside as in Brandi and Shanes pictures.  Is this possible.  we will have about 30 friends and relatives coming from England and would like a three course dinner and drinks.

The last time I spoke to you on the phone we spoke about packages.  I cant remember which one you said was for the hotel weddings so if you could let me know.

I am not really sure what things you arrange for us for example things like favours, do we arrange our own or can we tell you what we would like and you arrange them for us.

I am not really sure what the next step is.  Once you have confirmed the date when do we need to start organising things like the minister, music, flowers, photography package etc...

With regards to the reception, do you set up and decorate the reception tables.

Hopefully this date is available.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nicola Draper




Hes finally popped the question and of course you said yes. Now the work starts. Your wedding plans must begin right away.
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