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 Pirate Theme Wedding

It’s time to set sail on the seas of matrimony, and you want to do it in Pirate style!  With the popularity of the pirate series of movies, there is a lot available to pull of the pirate style wedding of your dreams. Most party stores and other invitation outlets will have the perfect invitation.  You can get actual message in a bottle style invitations – some come complete with sand and sea shells!  Print your own pirate map type of invitations on parchment type paper from your local office supply store, and take the time to lightly burn the edges for an authentic pirate look.  The post office will mail the bottles as is, so there is no need for additional packaging. 
    You may have to find custom clothes makers to get an authentic pirate look for your wedding party attire, but before you go the custom route, check out your local Renaissance Faire or places online that make dresses and costumes for Renaissance Faires.  The best part about this type of pirate “wench” dress is that it is flattering to everyone, no matter what their shape or size.  If you want all of your bridesmaids to match, you must order them all at the same time so they are made from cloth in the same dye lot.  You can have them wear different colors, but for the most part, the color palate should be earth tones – browns, greens, maybe blue.  The bride’s gown can be traditional bridal white, but consult a custom dress shop for your options.  Again, most of the shops that create Renaissance Faire costumes will be able to create a very authentic looking pirate gown for you in beautiful, rich fabric befitting a pirate queen.

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Decorating for your pirate wedding should include a more masculine but elegant color scheme.  Use black liberally, but complement with a deep, dark red and maybe gold.  You might use a black table cloth with red overlay, and ask your caterer if they have gold toned utensils.  You can find chests at most craft stores, and they make excellent centerpieces.  Fill them with fresh flowers for a twist on a more traditional wedding look, or go with something a little more fun.  Fill it with gold “doubloons” (you can use plastic gold coins, chocolate coins or bubble gum coins) or have it spilling over with beads, which you can buy in bulk from any party store that carries Mardi Gras party supplies.  Use votive candles to surround the treasure chest and set your party aglow. 


The feast you choose for your guests can really be anything, but you can take a page from the medieval feast restaurants for a unique and fun twist on the pirate theme.  Serve your guests on pewter plates without utensils, and opt for a feast you can eat with your hands – corn on the cob; roasted chicken or turkey legs, and thick chunks of bread.  Serve “mead” in pewter tankards, and have a variety of rum drinks for your guests to enjoy.   


Your wedding cake can be a true display of your theme.  Choose a very traditional three tiered cake, but top it with a pirate figurine or a treasure chest with beautiful jewels spilling out.  Or have your cake styled after a pirate treasure chest, filled with delicate sugar flowers or filling it with chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.


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May 4: It's Be A Pirate Day at the Absecon Lighthouse on S. Rhode Island Ave. in Atlantic City. Starting 11 am kids can climb to the top and enjoy ...
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While the children enjoy a supervised kids-only pirate cruise, have tea with Cinderella or are just entertained by a Disney babysitter, parents can plan ...
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She had had to go through a parody of a wedding ceremony, arriving, to the mirth of the street rabble, on a donkey cart instead of the usual doli or ...
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Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Apr 26, 2008
7 AM (CC) • American Wedding '03. Jason Biggs. A young couple prepares to marry, while an obnoxious friend plans to throw a bachelor party. ...

You can choose from any number of favors for your guests, but Pirate booty is what they’ll be hoping for!  You can purchase miniature chests and fill them with gold coins, which you can have embossed with your initials and wedding date.  Fill chests with actual “Pirate Booty” popcorn and snacks to give your guests, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests who may be grateful for the snacks when they get back to their hotel that evening.  Another great gift for this type of wedding would be individual rum cakes, wrapped with cellophane and tied with black, red and gold ribbons; or you could give the guests gourmet rum truffles in gold boxes tied with black or red ribbons. 


If you are looking to plan a pirate theme wedding, you are obviously trying to keep things fun and exciting for your guests.  Think of the things you love about pirates and incorporate them into your big day.  Your guests will surely think they’ve found the buried treasure when they arrive at your pirate celebration!


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