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If the thought of spooky spiders, ghastly ghouls, creepy cadavers, and wicked witches causes you to get giddy with delight, you may be the perfect couple to celebrate your wedding with a Halloween theme! Your guests will be thrilled to be invited to this special Halloween party, and with a little advanced planning, you’ll be able to pull it off without a witch, ummmm, I mean a hitch!








You’ll have many options in choosing the location of your fright fest wedding celebration. Check your area for old mansions or inns that have a gothic look and feel to them. Consider locations that might recall your favorite horror films, like an old camp ground like in Friday the 13th or an old theatre to call to mind Phantom of the Opera. If you can have your wedding at an off time, you may be able to convince someone to let you have your affair at their haunted house. And because you are most likely holding your Halloween wedding in October, look into pumpkin patches, farms, and barns.








You might think having a Halloween wedding limits you to black and orange as your color scheme. Not only can you use those popular Halloween colors, but you can use blood red; grey, and any of the fall colors. It’s not unheard of to have the entire bridal party in costume, which means you don’t have to worry about choosing a color for the bridesmaid dresses or the ushers’ accessories, but you could even use deep, jewel tones for your attendants’ attire if you choose to go with a color scheme. As for flowers, you can opt for black roses or tulips; any of the beautiful fall colored flowers; or calla lilies, which were a traditional funeral flower.

If you begin planning your Halloween wedding far enough in advance – like a year! – you can take advantage of purchasing Halloween decorations, especially at sales after the holiday. Snap up things like twinkle lights in orange, purple, and red; Halloween punch bowls sets; spider webs; and anything you can use as wall or table décor. Thanks to the internet, you can usually find some Halloween items all year long, but you have a better chance at getting what you want in time for your special day if you buy it when it’s available. Keep in mind centerpiece ideas when shopping, and look for things like black plastic cauldrons or other things that might be used to put candy out for trick or treaters. You can easily turn them into a floral centerpiece, or fill them with newly harvested apples or candy corn to set on each of your tables.

Invite your guests to dress in costume for a true Halloween party, or provide masks for each guest if you wish for them to come in more proper wedding attire. Make sure to indicate on your invitations how you want them to dress, especially if your invitation indicates your Halloween theme. Some people might make the assumption that costume is expected.

Use dry ice and fog machines, along with those twinkle lights to set the scene. Black or orange organza covered table clothes will give things a ghostly appearance and look elegant at the same time. Decorate walls and ceilings with the spider webs and use pumpkins and gourds and fall leaves on tables.

You can use any type of food for this theme, but use the theme to play up the desserts. Worms and dirt are good, or meringue ghosts would be cute. Decorate your wedding cake with plastic spiders and pumpkins, and maybe use a Jack Skellington and Sally topper.

Make sure your disc jockey brings a selection of Halloween theme music. He can use instrumentals from horror movies to play during dinner, and then you’ll want to dance to things like The Monster Mash and the theme from the movie Ghostbusters.

And don’t forget trick or treating! Your guests will get such a kick out of going to a candy bar and filling up their treat bags or plastic pumpkins with a variety of candy. You can get any foil wrapped Halloween treat or fall color candy coated chocolates. An alternative to the candy bar would be to have pre-made treat bags at each place. Other favors that would be popular with guests are candy apples; personalized chocolate bars; unblemished fall fruit; or personalized jars of pumpkin butter. You could also make miniature loaves of pumpkin bread or pumpkin tarts for your guests to take home. With the Halloween theme, something they can eat is really a treat as well as a favor.

So don’t be frightened by the task of planning a Halloween wedding. With proper planning, it’s a trick you can certainly pull off that will have all your guests grateful for the treat of being invited: More dark black wedding ideas can be found here

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