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In Samoa it is a tradition from centuries that the bride first performs a traditional Samoan dance.
It is done before the food and dining begins among relatives and loved ones. Truly itís fun and never
an obligation on anybody. The most interesting fact about the wedding in region of Samoa is its cuisine.
This includes a delicious and mouth watering roast meat with a wedding cake which is as exclusively 
designed as anything else in the celebration. It is truly a piece of art.
It is also a tradition in the island of Samoa that at the wedding they exchange gifts with their 
relatives and other guests. It is truly an honor that the best man of the groom makes a public speech 
about his relation with the groom and how he feels about the occasion. Everyone is in the joyous mood and 
celebrates marriage with singing, dancing and music. The island of Samoa is the most wonderful a gorgeous 
land with beautiful scenery which provides the perfect backdrop for the most romantic wedding celebrations.
To tell you more about the island of Samoa it is a cluster isles which consist of four very densely populated 
islands and one very small island. Throughout the beaches the palm tree covers the complete area of white sand 
which gives way verdant & dense humid rainforests, gentle hills waterfalls and picturesque valleys. The island is 
very famous for its traditional art pieces made and carved out of the coconut shell. The place is almost like a 
heaven with excellent beached and very easygoing and friendly people who are celebration each moment of life. 
The destination weddings arranged in the island are the best one can imagine in life and will always be memorable 
to the one who has it there. So donít think twice and come here to fall in love.
Hawaii is almost like a paradise for lovers. The place itself is so romantic that one can fall love and 
want an instant marriage. However the most romantic thing one can do is have a destination marriage in 
Hawaii and have a great honeymoon instantly. It is almost like a fun filled bonus for all lovers who are
 getting themselves tied in the bond of love. Hawaii is ethnically assorted islands which has a very 
strange but interesting culture. The island is completely filled with breathtaking natural beauty. 
I am sure all of you must remember the most memorable song by Elvis in 'Blue Hawaii' named and written 
on the theme of Hawaiian Wedding. It is so famous in the region till date it is almost sung in every 
marriage ceremony. Traditionally a Hawaiian bride will wear the best gown termed holoku which if 
precisely explained is very long gown arranged with natural garland of flowers from the island. 
The haku lei a row of flowers is places instead of her veil. Even the groom is all
  dressed in white and red sash which is tied all around his waist band and a garland of flowers
 with is loosely tied around the groomís neck. In the wedding the groom and the bride get the
 best picture sequence scenery. In the wedding reception a buffet is arranged in which all the 
guests enjoy themselves and still maintain the tradition of the wedding ceremony.
The most romantic features in the destination marriage arranged at Hawaii are the exchange of
 beautiful rings which the names engraved on them. The banquet which follows the wedding
 reception is the most delicious cuisine on the world which has tropical fruit. 
The heavily populated and well developed island is which covers mountains, 
pineapple fields & beautiful valleys. The island offers the best services in catering and fruits 
presentation. The Hawaiian Islands are a dream place for any groom or bride to have their most 
beautiful momentís at the most beautiful place in the world. The most romantic and the most 
natural places to get the destination wedding arranged. Hawaii offers the best services from 
the hotels and resorts and they will prove to be the best services. So what are you waiting 
if the wedding bells are ringing at your place and you need to select the best place for your 
wedding day all you need to do is think of Hawaii and all your doubts will be cleared.
When wedding are arranged at Caribbean islands the couples enjoy uniqueness about 
their marriage in their own ways with very interesting traditions and rituals which date approximately
 thousands of centaury back almost when the first civilization was found there. There are so many islands
 in Caribbean islands like Bermuda, Jamaica, French West Indies, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Cuba and
 many other islands.
In Bermuda the cake in wedding has a topping of a pot with a small cedar tree which is planted later by 
the couple and symbolizes their love which will prosper when the plant grows. In Jamaica it is a custom 
that the guests who were unable to attend the marriage they are mailed dark fruitcake with rum. It is a 
special gesture shown to the entire guest list who could not attend the wedding due to any reason. 
At French West Indies it is traditional to have curried goat with white rice. It is almost 
a must for all receptions at dinning. The wedding cake hidden from everyone and the guest 
pay for the lucky peek. It is rum flavored and loved by all. In Netherland Antilles a plantation of lily 
is done in the garden to bless their love when the plant blossoms.
In another town named Puerto Rico doll are pinned to the guest dress and if they wish they can even tip the 
doll and show their excitement in the marriage. Then at Cuba every thing starts from music and ends 
there only. There is a custom that whoever wishes can dance with the new brie and as a custom will 
have to pin some money on her dress. All this is money is pinned in order to help the newly weds 
with their honeymoon expenses. Itís their way to have fun and enjoy wedding ceremonies. Everyone has 
different kind of rituals and all are very unique interesting and enjoyable. So it is for sure that 
destination wedding arranged at Caribbean is whole lot of fun and much more enjoyable as compared to 
regular one.
So whenever you are planning for your dream day never forget the hottest destination of all the Caribbean 
which will be a pleasure. The most vital point which makes one of the best places for destination wedding 
is the beauty of the island and the extra loaded fun which is added to them. So, why waiting book your 
tickets and plan a wedding at Caribbean.
Whether you want a quite marriage sayingĒ I doĒ or a royal event, this is the place to do it. For this is 
the magical Garden of Eden. All people are not poets but even poets find it difficult to describe such a 
place. A Tahitian wedding for many is a dream come true. It is a perfect place for a couple to start their 
ew life and not more suitable place is available on the earth to commit to each other. It is located in 
eastern south pacific and is a preferred marriage destination for many American and Japanese couples.
 So what makes Tahiti so special?
Itís the beauty. Even years after when you think of your marriage a smile comes to your face thinking
 of the moment of love when you said ĎI doí in gods created beauty. There is no better place than here 
to exchange the vows. Its volcanic peaks are reflected in the calm water below which is as pure as your love.
 The island is blessed with beauty in the form caves, long flat beaches with fine sand,
crystal clear water and much more.

One more reason Tahiti is preferred as a wedding destination apart from its beauty is the wedding 

ceremony itself.The bride to be is considered as a princess for the wedding and is taken care of by the humble villagers.
 The groom is also equally cared for and is dressed in a traditional costume which is basically of the high 
chief. The venue of the great Tahitian wedding is the royal stone which is overlooked by the temple. It is 
like a fairy tale because after the ceremony the couple is taken in a chair while the guests hosts champagne
 to them. The ceremony becomes more enjoyable because of the great weather which is around 
or below 80 f and the water temperature in low 80 f. The starry sky at the night and the gushing waves make
 your wedding experience still more memorable. There are many resorts there which will arrange your
 weddings such as the kahala hotel and beach resort, intercontinental resorts etc.
The only thing you got to take care about in Tahiti is money. It is expensive but good things are always 


Heís finally popped the question and of course you said yes. Now the work starts. Your wedding plans must begin right away.
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