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Now for my request...do you have any brochures that you can mail out w/ wedding package and beach wedding location information. I am hoping to get information on the beach wedding ceremony's as well as if there were to be a small dinner reception afterwards do you have any packages for those as well. I am also wondering if you can give me a "general" idea of how the weather is in either September or April. I know weather can't be predicted and I'm sure it has been known to rain on a ceremony or two...but I was just curious if one month had a better chance to try to avoid it?? Any information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

We are featured in Better Homes and Gardens - Creative Weddings Issue

  I called the concierge at the Ihilani Hotel just to check, and he said
although the grass areas are hotel property, the beaches are not. And my
understanding of Hawaii beach law, is that all hotels must provide public beach
access.  Please give me your thoughts on this, I really liked your website and
I would like to consider working with you. I also understand that for
gatherings of a certain size I may need to obtain a permit. Since we are about
30 including minister, guests, bride and groom, that may be something to look
into. I look forward to your response. Mahalo!

I'm emailing today to get some more info on some oahu wedding package's..... maybe something customized to what we need.
Keith and I used to lived in Hawaii and sadly moved back to the mainland in 2002. We are coming back to get married! We lived in Kailua so we would like to get married in Kailua or at least on the Windward side of the island. We have set a date for Sunday, April 15, 2007. Right now we aren't sure if we want sunrise or sunset (we remember that the sun doesn't set on that side of the island, but the colors could still be in the sky.
Here is a list of what we know we want:
Sand Ceremony
Conch Ceremony
100 +/- pics ( Do you also offer a beach photo tour)
Video- edited DVD
20 +/- covered chairs
Decorations (A few Tiki's on either side of us, flower pedals in asile way)
Flowers- (Haku, Maile Lei, Bouquets (Mine and 2 bridesmaids)
Things we might add:
Decorative License
If you could let me know what you can or can't do and what kind of prices you come up with we would greatly appreciate it.
Mahalo in advance,


Hello there-

My family and I are comming to Oahu, Hawaii December
16-21 for our destination wedding on December 20,

We are currently looking into wedding
coordinators/packages and I came across your
website... I was wondering if you had a package
somewhere in between the "Romance for Two" and "Lovers
in Paradise Package." We were wanting to spend
somewhere around $1500-1800 for the ceremony and
photography... Do you think that your services could
fit into our budget?

photos and links
and we are impressed! We already have a wedding ceremony provider but they
don't provide any
decorations at this time. Nelana and I are interested in the arch, chairs, etc.
for our ceremony;
can you provide these for our ceremony? It will be on Waialae Beach Park.
 There are less than 2 months left so we definitely need a reply as soon as

 sorry to keep missing you and apologize for the crossed wires regarding the new meeting time.  Here is a list of immediate questions needing answers so we can move forward with our plans as well as finish our invitations and get them to the printer and out in the mail.   Please respond as soon as possible.

1)      We can meet on Friday 8/18 around 6:30 (or Saturday if that is better) - please verify location, date and time

2)      Please verify approval of wedding location for yourself and for Father John, so there is no last minute surprise as to where this is happening.  Wedding to take place at Kawailoa Beach House, on Papa'iloa Road.  This is 2 miles on the other side of Halewia, north shore.

3)      Wedding to begin @ 4:30pm (have everyone seated by then and actually start the service appx 4:45)  Please verify that you and Father John can agree to that time of day.

4)       How long is the ceremony and what determines that aspect? (We would like to include a short "poem" from each incorporated with the more traditional vows, and then include the pouring of our two sands together.)

5)      How much time should we allow for pictures following the ceremony.  Timing is everything for us and our guests and I need a better idea in order to finalize the invitations, dinner plans etc.  Do you take all the photos, or should we expect an additional photographer?

6)      Please verify that Father John is aware of the location and he is agreeable with this and able to come to the north shore for the service
7)      We would like to contact Father John to further discuss the service and other ceremony details.  Please provide his phone number as well as any other insights you may have regarding working with him.

8)      We would like to know what type of transportation you have, whether a truck, van, car - so we can better prepare for the parking situation.  This is a private residential area and we wish to be respectful of our neighbors as well as other guests staying at the house, so will need to make prior arrangements to accommodate you and the vehicle you may have.

My fianc and I are planning on having a wedding ceremony on Oahu, preferably on the beach, February 15th.  Right now Im looking for pricing and quotes and ideas on location, accommodation, things like that. 

Were coming in on the 9th and staying until the 18th.  We are actually going to be there for the pro bowl.  Ive only been to Hawaii a few times and was there  with family so Im not familiar with the island and my fianc has never been there so he is not familiar at all.  My main goal right now is to find lodging that is nearby the beach, the area we will be holding our ceremony and easy access to find a ride to the aloha stadium.  We wont be renting a car because due to our age, (24 & 22) we would have to pay more than we want. 


Here is the issue with the wedding.  We are getting legally married in October of 2006 and will go to Hawaii already married.  We just want to have a small intimate ceremony for ourselves on the beach, maybe a sunset wedding, (Im still looking at pictures on the sites).   If at all possible, wed like to fly in our pastor from our church to do the ceremony.  Im not sure how that works, but if it does, thatd be great.


Also, were only looking for a ceremony as simple as simple can get.  Officiate, photographer, and a dinner for 2.  Beach and sunset as well. 


I believe Ive asked all of my questions, your site is beautiful and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you in advance for all you assistance. 


Kindest Regards,

his is Jennie Waguespack. I want to make sure you have all that you need to put the wedding together, so here is a list, let me know what else you need.
                   ~minister- We would like a Hawaiian minister
                   ~ I like any of the flower combonations that I sent you, bright, vibrant colors
                   ~ arch- Any of the flowers for the bouquet will do on the arch
                   ~ chair ties- hot pink ties will do and go with the flowers
                   ~ aisle- pedal walkway, flowers lined by the chairs
                   ~ leis- i would like chris to wear the green grass looking lei for the wedding, and to have leis for the guest if that is possible. 11 people as guests.
                  ~ music- the song on the website is what i would like to walk down the isle too
                  ~ limo/pics- for the extra ride around the island to paradise cove and extra pictures at ko olina/cove, i will pay for that either before or after the wedding when you get a price.
                  ~ hair- i would like to have my hair done, so if you knew what some of the other girls did can you let me know! Thanks. I'm sure its going to look great and I can't wait.
Aloha from Canada! Some more last minute details for you for the wedding Monday, July 24, 2006. Please find attached a photo + changes for Curt & Kailee's wedding cake. Just incase the photo you get isn't clear...the website it came from was: www.dianescakesand more.com (wedding cake gallery) It is the fondant wedding cake with gum paste (* but we want fresh ones of course) stargazer lilies. Other cake particulars:  Top layer- strawberries & cream
                       Middle layer- white
                       Bottom layer- chocolate (*not deep chocolate though please)

                       Instead of lacy icing at base of each layer could we have baby blue ribbon wrapped
                         at the bottom of each layer?
                       Fresh Stargazer lilies cascading from top, down the side

Phone number for the house that we (groom's parents Shawna & Dennis Allwright) will be staying at is #1-808-237-8636 and will hopefully have an answering machine attached also.

We arrive Wednesday, July 19th at 2:00 pm.

Is our meeting still Friday July 21 @ 1pm?  Where? don't have address for new office.l

We got engaged in May and we are
looking to do a simple beach wedding on the island of Oahu. This will be my
3rd visit to the islands and Cory's 1st! Our plan is to stay on Oahu for 5
nights and then visit Maui for the remainder of our stay. It will only be
the two of us and our moms. We would like to get married on the beach at
sunset. I have stayed at the Royal Hawaiian, but we may try something new
this time around (Turtle Bay North Shore). I would like to visit at least 3
locations for photos- waterfalls, scenic mountains/lush greenery, and beach.
I assume that we would need to do photo's first then our ceremony on the
beach as we don't want to run out of day light. I would like some black &
white as well as color. I would like our ceremony to have a very Hawaiian,
spiritual flow to it. I love the idea of the flowered infinity circle on the
sand, the conch shell, and Hawaiian chanting. We would probably want to go
with non traditional vows, with a couple poems, and Hawaiian prayer
readings. As far as flowers go I think we may just do the traditional green
maile lei for Cory and a plumeria bouquet for me. Our moms would have orchid
leis. WE are waiting to pick dates based on availability of a minister and

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Hes finally popped the question and of course you said yes. Now the work starts. Your wedding plans must begin right away.
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