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Wedding shower theme ideas


Bridal Shower Basics
Nobody really knows where the tradition of the bridal shower originated - but this old Dutch legend offers a romantic explanation:

America Wedding Shower Theme


American wedding shower, also popularly known as bridal shower party, may have historically begun all for a noble cause of helping the brides or their families to make up for their financial shortcomings in meeting the dowry requirements for the wedding to continue, the wedding shower party in America has taken a very beautiful meaning,
of late, that it serves as a pre-wedding ‘get together’ party of sorts. When it’s likened to a party, you are free to organize it according to a theme yourself or hire expert wedding planners do it for you.

Choice of wedding shower theme reflects how much you care for your guests in addition to mirroring your personal style. The simplest of the wedding shower theme is Teat Party theme where in you serve the guests with tea and simple finger snacks such as scones, petite fours etc.

Here is a short list of other popular bridal shower themes that can be organized without much fuss and expense. Some of these themes really revel in casual etiquettes as the wedding shower party is not very ceremonial.
Pajamas Theme: Have your guests dress up in their evening pajamas. Let the girls have free talks, may be about their personal interests.

Coed wedding shower. This is popularly known by another name Jack and Jill bridal shower. The specialty of this is not having a particular theme at all. It can change frequently in a party or from party to party as long as the cou0les enjoy it.
Favorite memories wedding shower theme is a great hit with women of the age of the bride. Guests give gifts to the bride to remind her of some favorite time they passed with her.
Season of the year wedding shower is not about a particular season but each guest assumes the position of a month and presents the bride with a gift reminiscent of that month.
Christmas ornament wedding shower theme is special in a way in which it is required for the guests to bring ornaments/decorative for the couple’s first Christmas.

These wedding shower themes are simple but are thoroughly enjoyed by the guests and the brides as well. But if you have a slightly deeper pocket you can devise exciting themes such as Ethnic themes and wine tasting themes.

Ethnic Themes: Draw-up a theme out of the bride's heritage. Throw in a surprising element with her favorite ethnic foods! Don’t forget to have the favors and decorations have an ethnic flair flavor.

Wine Tasting Shower: This is usually organized at somebody’s home or at suitable winery. So, expect the guests to present you with their favorite wines or wine themed gifts.

Spirit of wedding shower lies in enjoying the occasion, come what may. This is what the modern American society stands for.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who was in love with a poor miller. The two wanted to marry, but the girl's father did not approve. He refused to give his blessing on the marriage, and withheld the girl's dowry, hoping to force his daughter into marrying a rich farmer instead. The townsfolk, who knew the poor miller loved the girl dearly, showered her with gifts for her home - so many, in fact, that she ended up with a larger dowry than her father would have provided! The two married and lived happily ever after�.


Today's bridal showers are very similar - the main purpose is to "shower" the bride with gifts, usually items from her registry that she needs for her new home. Read on for the who, what, when and where of modern bridal showers�.

The hostess: Although usually given by one of the bridesmaids or a friend of the family, the bridal shower may be given by anyone except the bride's mother, sisters or future mother-in-law.

The guests: The guest list for a shower should not include anyone who is not invited to the wedding. (The obvious exception to this rule is when the wedding will be very, very small or held in a foreign country. In that case, those close friends and family who would have been invited to the wedding if it were larger or closer should definitely be invited to the shower). The guests at a bridal shower are all women - except in the case of a "couple's shower," where the bride and groom are the guests of honor, and the couple's friends, both men and women, are invited.

A bridal shower is an intimate party - a chance for the bride to get together with her closest friends and family to celebrate her upcoming marriage. The key components of every bridal shower are:

Theme: Most bridal showers have a theme such as a 'Round-the-Clock shower, a recipe shower, or a lingerie shower. The invitations, gifts for the bride and, whenever possible, the food and games, should tie in with the theme.

Invitations: A cute and fun invitation sets the tone for the party and often conveys the shower's theme. Shop for shower invitations here!

Tip for shower success: Because every guest will be bringing a gift to the shower, it's important for the hostess to include information that will help the guest select an appropriate gift -- such as where the bride is registered (although it's not proper to mention the registry in a wedding invitation, it is perfectly acceptable to do so in a shower invitation); what colors she is using to decorate her kitchen; and, in the case of a lingerie shower, her sizes.

Gifts: The high point of any shower is the opening of gifts. Most often, the gifts are coordinated with the theme. With all the guests gathered around, the bride opens each gift one by one and thanks each guest individually. Tip for shower success: Appoint a bridesmaid to sit next to the bride and write down each gift along with the name of the person who gave it to her. This will help the bride when writing thank-you notes.

Tip for shower success: Appoint another bridesmaid or friend to collect the bow from each package and attach it to a paper plate. By the end of the shower, the plate should be fully decorated with bows. This is used by the bride as her bouquet during the wedding rehearsal.

Games: Fun little games are a tradition at every shower and a great way to help guests get to know each other.

Refreshments: What is a party without food and drink? Whether you are planning a brunch shower or a tea party, include refreshments appropriate to the time of day and theme of the shower.

 • Favors: It's customary to give all the guests a little token of the day to take home with them. This place card holder makes an excellent favor - after holding place cards at the shower, the guests can each take one home and use it as a fun way to display a favorite photo on her desk.

Showers are usually held between two months and two weeks before the wedding. They can be held on any day and at any time that is convenient for the bride, the hostess and the majority of guests.

Usually, a shower is held at the hostess's home, although that is certainly not etched in stone. If your home is too small - or if you just want to get creative - you could reserve a private room at a favorite restaurant or plan a picnic at a park



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When we were planning my  son's Hawaii beach wedding last August, we had a lot of people with many ideas about how the wedding flowers should be.... . The brides idea was to hold a shower  and have fun with all the family, and to hear feed back on what her bridal party thought and the guest..


He’s finally popped the question and of course you said yes. Now the work starts. Your wedding plans must begin right away.
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