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Western Wedding theme

So youíve finally met the cowboy of your dreams and you envision a western fairytale wedding with the two of you riding off together into the sunset when itís all said and done. What a perfect way to start off your life together!

Your options are many when trying to incorporate a western theme into your wedding, and most people think of a western wedding as something more down home country than stuffy city. Cowboy hats, boots, horses, and home style food will welcome your guests to a wedding that they are sure to remember.

Many invitations are available with embossed cowboy boots and hats, and that is a great way to set the ton. For something unique, consider having Wanted poster type of invitations printed up, a fun way to call the posse together to celebrate your day. If you want to add a bit of cowboy elegance to the event, tie a bandana bow around your printed or engraved invitation. Use your invitations to inform your guests of the type of clothing to wear. A Western wedding can run the gamut from jeans to suits and ties, and they will need that information.

And speaking of the barn, you may want to look outside of the traditional wedding venues for your western shindig. Check out places like riding stables or country and western night clubs in your area to see if they have banquet space or if they would rent the club out to a private party for an evening. If you find someplace already steeped in Western charm, youíll be able to trim your decorating budget substantially.

Itís up to the bride to dictate how formal your western wedding will be. Many western wear shops carry a line of bridal clothing, but it may be as simple as a pair of white jeans, white cowboy boots, a white cowboy hat with a veil, and a white western style shirt, adorned with lace and rhinestones. You will also probably find something a little dressier there, like a skirt, a satin blouse, and fancier shoes. There are wedding gowns that reflect the old fashioned western style clothing, and you can find them elaborately trimmed in lace and beading or more simple like a schoolmarm type outfit from the 1800ís. Whatever you decide, you will find many color options available in either style to choose for your bridal attendants.

When considering the men, you can go with jeans, cowboy boots, and western shirts or choose dark western style suits with bolo ties. Keep in mind the location of your reception when choosing a look for your attendants. If you do end up in a barn or at an outdoor event, jeans might be the way to go.

The first thing your guests want to see after the ceremony is the Chuck Wagon. When people think western style cuisine, theyíre thinking barbecue. Youíll entice your guests from a mile away with the smell of a hickory pit barbecue smoking away. You can plan a buffet of beef brisket, pork ribs, and chicken with sides like corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans and corn bread; or you can scale it up a little and serve your guests steaks grilled to perfection on the grill with baked potatoes and asparagus wrapped in bacon. Either way, if you are doing your wedding outdoors, think about using long picnic tables to accommodate your casually dressed guests. It will add to the down home feel. When decorating your wedding cake, think simple and country and use fresh flowers or polished horseshoes. For guest entertainment, in addition to the country and western music you will no doubt have playing, you might want to bring in a line dance expert or two to get everyone on their feet and dancing.

If you want your floral arrangements to truly reflect the days of the old west, keep in mind that there were no internet floral shipping companies then. The brides would have used wildflowers and flowers that were easy to get. You can certainly give your bouquet a wildflower look using the more contemporary hot house flowers grown today, or go with a simple bouquet tied with rope instead of ribbon. Use mason jars filled with fresh flowers as centerpieces or even fill tin buckets with fresh flowers or fresh apples for a nice country look to your tables. Smaller sized mason jars can hold votive candles to light up an evening wedding, and a cowboy hat flipped upside down can overflow with fresh flowers.

Consider making your great escape on horseback, but if you are not a rider, a horse drawn carriage is the perfect place to take that Just Married sign. And save one of those tin buckets to soak your feet in after youíve danced all night to the Boot Scoot Boogie.


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